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3 Lessons in Business Building & Succeeding Against the Odds

Anne Boden is one of the most extraordinary fintech entrepreneurs on the planet who, against the odds, disrupted the multi-trillion-dollar global banking industry. 

The story of her struggle from bootstrapping a crazy idea to building one of the most successful challenger banks in Europe – Starling Bank is captured in her book Banking on It.

It should be compulsory reading for every entrepreneur. 

Everything starts with an idea.

As a female in her 50s, she didn’t fit the standard profile of a ‘fintech founder’ and faced rejection every step of the way. 

And yet Boden had a powerful sense of what customers wanted from their bank and what they didn’t. 

While the other banks were trying to build a better Blockbuster, she built a banking Netflix!

3 Lessons

1. There are no shortcuts

Banking is a complex industry with bureaucracy and regulation at every step. 

But she knew the sector and pitched every one of her contacts relentlessly, sending hundreds of emails each day. Lacking cash, she got creative and found someone online to build her first banking model for £7 per hour! 

Success is a rare blend of optimism and determination.

2. Resilience

Just as she was beginning to make some headway, she faced a mutiny as her team walked out. 

Most would have given up at that point, but it just made her more determined to succeed. People will let you down, technology will fail, deals will collapse, but with a relentless focus on the vision, you can succeed.

“The Obstacle Is the Way” 

Marcus Aurelius

3. Go All In

If you hold back and keep your options open, you will fail. Boden invested all her life savings and didn’t have a Plan B. 

Success comes to those who have no alternative but to succeed.

Fulfil Your Potential

Get inspired by Anne Boden – there’s never been a better time to unleash your entrepreneurial spirit.

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  1. Hugh

    It’s a great story, I heard Anne interviewed recently and she is indeed an inspiration.